Mood boards

Many clients think that the Mood board process isn’t necessary to create a design like a brand identity or a website. Mood boards are important though. They will often be the starting of everything: ideas, design, artistic concept, a message.I am going to tell you why it is essential to create Mood boards for your Design Process.

1. To find inspiration

Mood board is like the process of Brandstorming. Before the finalization of your first Mood board, you would have created multiples boards to get this final result. In order to do it, don’t censure yourself. Select every images that makes you visualize the project you are working on, even though you think it has nothing to do with it. Illustrations, photos, interior decoration, typography, sentences, color palettes, everything can be related to your project. Once you have selected images that fits best your work, you have to organize them (categories, color palette, etc). For me, the best search engine to find inspiration and make boards easy and fast is Pinterest. You won’t be disappointed!

2. To express your ideas

A Mood board immediatly reflects tones and styles where you are directing the project. Let’s be clear, to defend your hard work, you can’t just say « I don’t like red ». There are so many nuances of red that you might end up being irritated in not finding THE red. Thanks to the Mood board, you can introduce all red nuances you have selected for let’s say a button on a website, or links. People will take you more seriously and will witness your graphic research.

3. To communicate with ease

Like I said in my last article, « an image is worth a thousand words ». 75% of the world’s population are « lookers ». Lookers are people whose brains think with pictures and images. It easier to understand an idea when it is visually shown other than being read through a long text. Therefore, itwill be easier to defend and sell your project to your client, because of you Mood board!

4. To optimize your productivity

Essentially, Mood board is great to have a directive line, and to make sure we are on the right path. Imagine creating a website template, sending it to your client and he answers negatively. Well, it either means that you have missed out on something important or that there was a miscommunication. A Mood board is here to validate the artistic direction of a project.

I hope this article has helped you understanding what was a Mood board and why you really need to create one or multiple in your Design Process. Just keep telling you that you are not wasting time; in fact you are gaining a lot and you become more and more inspired!
If you wish to create a Mood board for your creative project and you need help to conceive a website, feel free to contact me or just leave a comment. 🙂