We always say « A picture is worth a thousand words »; and it is indeed very important to pick the right visuals to enhance websites. First of all, to illustrate your ideas and your values, and also to Wow your internet users. But how do we do when we don’t have the budget? Where do we find free stunning pictures? I am going to tell you the best 5 website with beautiful free stock photos on this article! Let’s go!

1. Unsplash

Unsplash is for me the best free stock photos website! The pictures are truly stunning, they are accompanied by a « Unsplash » filter. Which make them even more beautiful and natural. The interface is minimalist, simple and very easy to use. Very similar to Pinterest, you can create multiple boards depending on the theme. If you are interested in abstract photography, Unsplash will be your paradise!

2. Pexels

Like Unsplash, Pexel has gorgeous pictures as well. If you are looking for eyecatching or background photos, Pexel offers many photos to embellish your website. Besides, you can also find handsome free videos of high quality to make cinematic videos, Instagram or Youtube posts and many other platforms.

3. Pixabay

Pixabay is one of the most famous free photos stock in the world. Its choice is very impressing, it often regroups images listed by other similar websites. Its search engines gives you the opportunity to find photos depending on categories you are looking for: photos, illustrations, landscapes, color palettes, etc. It is an interesting and great function to respect your brand identity. You can download images without subscribing, but if you do, you will get them in their highest quality.

4. Fotomelia

Fotomelia is one of the rare free stock photos who has a search engine in French (for French people and speakers). It is great if you are looking for French places, or any other photos who have their SEO in French. So you get more possibilities.
It doesn’t classified photos or illustrations by categories, but they have a really complete and large choice of images.

That’s it for me! I told you about my favorite free stock photos websites, feel free to share yours by commenting under this article!